“Whatever action a great man performs, common men follow. And whatever standards he sets by exemplary acts, all the world pursues.”

Mr. Ram Avatar Aggarwal

Mr. Ram Avatar Aggarwal is the Founder and Managing Director of Rishi Seals Pvt Ltd. During the course of his entrepreneurial journey and still continuing, RSPL emerged as one of the largest hardware manufacturers in India, and carved out a distinct place for itself in the global pantheon of corporate giants. Lauded for his dynamic, pioneering and innovative genius, he leads the Corporate Finance and Corporate Strategy position in the company.

More than 3 decades of leadership experience, he is known for his affable management style, and combines work with liberal doses of fun.

He prefers to spend his leisure time with his family or reading books.

Mr. Naresh Kumar

Mr. Naresh Kumar is the Director of Rishi Seals Pvt Ltd. He plays a pivotal role in benchmarking and implementing best practices in RSPL manufacturing facilities. He is instrumental in bringing the much-needed synergies across manufacturing facilities and creating an environment conforming to global standards. A perfectionist and a visionary, Naresh Kumar pioneered the TQM (Total Quality Management) concept based on the Japanese model, long before most enterprises in India did. His obsession with excellence and quality bore rich dividends Rishi Seals Pvt Ltd meeting the global quality benchmark.

An avid sportsperson, who is extremely passionate about his fitness, he likes playing different sports and especially enjoys cycling and running.

Mr. Prashant Garg

Mr. Prashant Garg is the Chief Executive Officer of the Company. Prashant has pioneered key initiatives in enhancing the competitiveness of the company’s operations and products across the board. He is responsible for crafting Rishi Seals Pvt Ltd growth story. His people management skills helped him bring overarching changes in industrial relations, upgradation of technology and benchmarking on product and efficiency parameters. He introduced value-driven process improvements in human resources and information technology.

He prefers to spend his leisure time playing Tennis and Travelling.